Saturday, September 27, 2008


For the most part, I find this "free trade" thing silly. The idea of chopping down forests in northern Minnesota, ship the wood to China, make chopsticks, and then ship it back to a Chinese chain restaurant in Minneapolis, might be "efficient" for some MBA grad working for Lehman Brothers---but for the rest of us, it's down right goofy. It doesn't make sense (only cents!).

Let's use local products for local consumption as much as possible.

Of course, coffee is the exception. Why? Because I like it. Am addicted to it. I woke up early this morning on the deck. The Pleiades were right above me. I watched the stars fade, as the first hints of light came about. The problem? No coffee. Joni forgot to buy some yesterday when she was in town.

So I left my sleeping family, hopped into the car and drove the forty minute drive to Paradise, where the Safeway store lies. I bought three pounds of the sacred bean...and drove forty minutes home. Just for coffee.

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