Monday, August 18, 2008

My Semi-Retirement...

On July 1, 2008 I cut back to part-time at the hospital. The good folks there have been gracious enough to give me a schedule that works quite well. I travel twice a month, for five days. So, twice a month I get to spend time with my good friends at the hospital (a good mental health unit creates, and sustains, lasting and deep friendships amongst colleagues).

So we socialize after work. One of our favorite hang out spots is the Chateau Domaine. They make decent bubbly. Fridays is Oyster and Bubbles night. This is my friend GG, who, hopefully will be in charge of the post and beam addition.

I stay overnight in the old Nurses Dormitory. Before that, the building was part of the Sanitarium, which is why all the rooms have huge front porches.

My room with the front porch visible.

Nurses used to have to punch this clock when they made rounds... Now I've seen hospitals that have "Where You Are" detectors on your badge. A computer at the nurses station displays where you are. That's a bit too big brotherish for me...

Oops.....didn't mean to post that again...

For those who are bothered by my carbon footprint driving 280 miles round trip for work---since I stay at the hospital for those five nights, I actually only drive 200 miles more a month than when I lived 10 miles from the hospital. Plus it helps to settle my wanderlust and my hermitage qualities.

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