Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Satellites! And I dig a (not a pony)

So we broke down and got Satellite TV for the girls. Now Hannah Montana is back in our lives...

The past two days I've been digging rock. It takes a lot of time to fill a wheelbarrow full of rock. Yes, I could have some delivered from somebody who sells this stuff, but the Nearing's gathered their own---so by golly, so am I!

I've gotten most of the rock for the trenches from the pile created by the excavation. This pile needs to be sifted anyway, so I dig and dig. I pull out suitable rocks ("up to as big as your head" Joni says). There are times in my life when my head has been quite big (usually followed by some humbling experience) most rocks are fair game.

Many hours have gone into this trench. Most might not appreciate it. I do. "Gonna take a lot of (rock)" sung to the Neil Young tune...

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