Saturday, August 30, 2008


Joni has been clearing brush. Here she is pruning a Manzanita tree. Live in the west and you'll become familiar with these fellahs. Beautiful. Their green, smallish leaves and distinctive red bark (which peels to even a redder color) matches the landscape of this land. Green pines and red earth perfectly complemented by the Manzanita.

Pull Joni!!

What the leaves look like. I'm told that you can make a tea out of these to ease nausea. The berries on most species are edible (and can be found in the springtime). I've never tried them. Put another experience on the "to do" list.

There are over sixty varieties of Manzanita. This is a little clearing on our property which is currently working hard to be populated by them. The wood is incredibly hard and burns mercilessly hot, and will crack your wood stove if burned.

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