Saturday, August 30, 2008

He makes his money on what isn't displayed...

On the road to Concow, this guy puts up a roadside stand. I stopped to look at his knives and tools. Mostly they were stuff that was very, very overpriced. I guess if you don't sell any, you don't have to restock your stuff.

This area is steeped in drugs. Meth abounds. Go to the local swimming hole, and over forty year old men with buck teeth and few redeeming qualities (and even smaller vocabularies) smoke weed out of corn cob pipes while your children play. The welfare Moms hang out smoking cheap cigarettes and drinking the 12 pack $5.99 special on beer from the Dome store.

Back to the sign guy. Of course, what this guy really is selling is dope. Just ask him what he has that isn't on display...Religion is no longer the opiate of the masses up here.

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