Friday, August 15, 2008

July 12...The Homestead is Saved....

We snuck in on the 11th of July (magically, the police weren't there to stop us) so we knew that it didn't burn. On the 12th of July they let us in. Seemed too soon, as these trucks were putting out flames a mere mile from our property. Concowians can be a rascally, motley bunch. I think that they lifted the evacuation so soon in order to get the hillbilly folk out of town.

In all, 108 residences burned. Six of thirteen houses on our ridge. Although I think the number is higher due to the large numbers of squatters we have around here. Potheads with tents and trailers don't really count in the numbers.

Joni left Buddha set up to protect the property. Here he overlooks a Dozer line. It was the Los Angeles Fire Department that saved the property. The Beverly Hills Fire Department was there too. As we loaded up the truck and moved to...Concow (not Beverly) the Beverly Hills Fire Department moved there too!

They bulldozed around one of our piles, with the Bird Bus next to it.

A second pile (I wasn't kidding about that) that they bulldozed around. I wonder what the Firefighters thought of this?

One of our neighbors buildings...

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