Thursday, August 14, 2008

July 1---We finally Unload!!

So we spent the remainder of June packing, cleaning (well, Joni did most of that) and working a paying job (me). We spent our last night in Calistoga, the 30th, at our friend's Bed and Breakfast. Rosemary and George moved to Calistoga at Robert Mondavi's request. Retired from the Bank of Scotland, George and Rosemary have many stories to tell. They also are Kylie and Jazmine's Godparents.

Finally, we felt it was safe enough to unload our stuff (although the evacuation hadn't been lifted). So we rented a second truck and made the trip yet again. The Uhaul had weathered the fire just fine. We unloaded everything in piles. Two trucks. The next day, the 2nd, the straw bales were set to arrive. We confirmed delivery with the farmer.

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