Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Morning Ferry Ride

This is Jeff. Psychiatric Nurse extraordinaire. Has been working in this field since 1982. His favorite writer is Hunter Thompson. So, when Jeff and I do the city---we call it our yearly Abbey/Thompson expedition. Today was such a day. The justification for this day of debauchery was that the Mets were playing the Giants.

I had to prove to Jeff that I still have hair on the top of my head. And I guess a touch of grey in my beard.

Breakfast! We had time for three of these on the Ferry ride.

The buildings to the left of the bridge is San Quentin. Used to be the home of Charles Manson. A Psychiatric Nurse who I worked with, told me that she took care of Charlie. Evidently, he would let his finger nails grow long, so that he could scratch anyone who came near. A delightful chap...

And the Golden Gate, on the way to the Game.

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