Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hog Island Oysters!!

The Ferry drops you off at (of course) the Ferry Building. At one time it was rather run down, but now it has been Yuppified with lots of decent restaurants, wine bars, vegetable stands and fish markets. We had an hour to kill, so we tried the Oysters.

We got a dozen that were living in the morning in Tomales Bay. Wonderful! Washed down great with a beer or two. Best Oysters I've ever had!

When I asked the woman on the left, who she thought Jeff's favorite writer was, she nailed it: "Hunter Thompson". Earned her a good tip... They chuck the Oysters right in front of you.

We ended up eating a few dozen. Liked them so much, we stopped there again after the game and had a few more. Here Jeff admires that which will soon be sliding into his tummy.

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