Sunday, June 8, 2008

12 Days Until...

We move in 12 days. Joni has started to pack. I've thought about packing. She does a much better job of it than I do...

But I did manage to cancel the utilities. Utilities that we won't have to pay for at the Solar Homestead. I took great delight in canceling the Pacific Gas and Electric bill. When the lady on the phone asked: "Do you need service at your new address?", I politely declined the offer. And of course, I rambled on and on about our valiant solar panels.

The downside: AT and T doesn't have high speed Internet at the new place. I got the ATand T high speed Internet thinking that I could have it at our new residence. Nope.

So it's either back to "dial up"...which is sort of like going back to High School after getting a Graduate Degree. The other option is to get a satellite connection.

Now that intrigues me. To get Internet service off a satellite. Sputnik meets the PC. How cool!