Friday, December 9, 2011


I'm home after being away at work for most of the last month. The past couple of days I've been chasing the coyotes away. They are interested in our chickens. One coyote, a big blackish one, has had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at our chickens before I chased him away. Another smaller grayish one has been hanging around. I chased him/her halfways down the ridge. The smaller coyote would just turn around to see if I was still following him/her. I was. Seemed like a game to this coyote.

And so Kylie has permission to use her BB gun on the coyotes. The BB's won't hurt and will certainly get their attention. Man versus Coyote. In the end, I'm quite certain the coyote will win. As they should.

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Veggie Voyagers said...

don't let the folks in Modoc county see this post!
Smiling, Chris Nelson