Saturday, November 26, 2011

Walls and Taxes

I've been gone most of the past couple of weeks: working extra---trying to keep our always imperiled financial necks above water. We have a big tax bill due this month. Paying property taxes is hard enough, but who is the genius that decided that these things should be paid during the month that household budgets compete with Christmas? I'm not a Tea Party member, nor do I think we are particularly over taxed, but I do think that Government should figure out a way to be more user friendly. Having taxes be due in December is a public relations nightmare for County government. A stupid idea.

Joni has been doing her part by finishing up an interior wall. The photos don't show much, but she has done quite a bit of work getting rid of the blue jean insulation we had temporarily stuffed up there and replacing it with "clay slip". An arduous task.

Getting this wall tightened up had an immediate impact: the house is much warmer using less wood in the wood stove.

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