Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Control of Chaos

Sooner or later, every family gets one of these: the message board. Generally, these things are put up out of frustration. Exasperation. I bought the thing in an effort to get some certain young ones who inhabit our house to do their chores. And also to remind the youngsters what is expected out of their behavior.

Our little Honda generator died. Good thing we have a back up. The old generator toiled along through much abuse and some neglect. It was a cheery valiant little generator. We shall take much better care of the next one.

And this month we hope to (finally) plant some fruit trees. This is something we should have done when we first bought the place back in 2007. Hopefully, by  having the goal posted where we see it everyday, we will make it a priority to get the trees in. We hope.

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