Friday, July 16, 2010

Starting the Floor

So we started the floor. We already have six inches of gravel down on the floor. The next layer is what you see above: a couple inches of straw/clay insulation. We shall put this down, let it dry, and then put two more layers of clay/sand/straw on top. The last layer will be the "finishing layer". Over that we shall (hopefully) seal the whole floor with bees wax.

Will it work? Will it look good? I haven't a clue...


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Allan,
Reads as pretty sound to me, and certainly warm in winter. Do you tamp down the gravel and straw, or does it settle naturally? Great to see it all coming together. Kia kaha.

Zeal said...

I'm curious if you've seen a floor like this/read about it, or if you're just going with your own inspirations.

Allan Stellar said...


We've been walking on the rock for two years, but you are right, we should tap it down a bit more.


Not an original idea: we read about how to do this. Or actually, Joni read about it. I looked at the pictures... :)