Saturday, May 22, 2010

As Far As I Can Reach On My Tippy Toes...

Things are starting to move along now.

I met this morning with our solar electrician (whose name is--I kid you not---"Oak Leaf"!). We discussed the best way to wire the Addition. Oak is a likable Fella, semi-retired after being an electrician for thirty years. Once he gives me the bid (which is usually quite reasonable) we shall clear out the Addition and put in nine electrical outlets. If all goes well we shall start this process in a couple of weeks.

We will be burying the electrical wires in the floor inside conduit. Hence I will be able to bury most of it.

While here Oak fiddled with our solar system and fixed a fuse problem we've been having. He also checked our batteries. The solar system is working just fine now.

And I finished up the first layer of Mud Plaster on what I can reach by standing on my tippy toes. This is the hole where I dig out the clay and sift it into a bucket:

And a corner beam I finished today:

Looking at one corner of the Addition:

And our bedroom:

And the north wall:

With the temperature only fifty degrees or so, I'm done for the day. Using your fingers with cold water on a cold day makes them achingly frigid. These nearly fifty year old hands take a while to warm up after doing a wheelbarrow full of mud.

Unusual weather for this time of the year; it is supposed to be cold and rainy for the next week. And from now on the mudding will be trickier: up and down the ladder in order to grab a handful of mud. This will slow me down, so not much may get done.

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