Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let There Be Mud!

A special visit from Joni's daughter to help me make mud. This is a labor intensive job that any fool can do. Dig the clay; sift the clay; add sand; add straw; add water; mix with hoe; apply to house. Simple.

We started early, after the girls went to school and Joni to work.

A new experience for B!

We are putting on the "scratch coat". The first of three layers of mud plaster...

Once again, we used the bale scaffolding method...(standing on bales).

Looks good!
Okay, that's enough for today. This is hard work...

It is now officially "Mud Season". This website is destined to become full of photos of mud being applied. Mud being made for the floor. Mud for the inside of the walls. Mud. Mud. Mud.

Thanks to B. for the help...

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