Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fixed the Leaks...

Well, it happened. Our roof leaked.

Not surprising given the ferocity of nearly twenty inches of rain combined with 60 mph winds that we had over the last couple of weeks. Tar seems to have fixed the problem.

I am anxious to get working on this house. Anxious for the temperature to climb into the fifties; for the rain to quit--so that we can complete this project.

With warmer weather, look for much work to be done. We are ready to get this thing done...


joni said...

Well, it appeared the leaks were indeed fixed, until we were hit with an exceptionally flamboyant thunderstorm that dumped 3 inches of rain overnight...the leak dribbled a bit, but it's much less 'leaky' than before. Good job!
your devoted wife

joni said...

oh, and happy valentine's day!!

David Rivera Ospina said...

Hello, good idea, also the near trees to the housing are a problem with strong winds.
Congratulations the house shines well.
Cordial greeting from a tropical mountainous corner in Colombia

Allan Stellar said...

Hi David...


Thanks for dropping by! I took a look at your web-site! Cool!

We are about to start doing some more work on this place, so this blog will be a bit more active as the weather gets a bit better.