Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice! Merry Christmas!

Our stockings are hung...

And the Reindeer are out...

And the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is decorated...

We haven't done much work on this project lately. Early nights, cold temperatures and rain make for some cozy "off grid" living.

We took down a little scraggly tree. It was growing in a small cluster of white pines on our property (and needed to be thinned). Joni asked the tree if it would like to be our Christmas tree; we cut it, and then Joni gave back a strand of hair in order to give something back to the land. A family ritual. It is a small tree. Beautiful, none-the-less.

After tonight the days start to get longer. And more hopeful.

From all of us here at the Solar Compound, Joni, Jazmine, Kylie, Angel the dog, Rocky the cat and me (Allan), we wish you a blessed Holiday season! May this be the year that all good things happen. And may this be the year we finally finish this darned house!

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