Sunday, August 30, 2009

Manzanita Leaves and Chicks!!

Kylie managed to get into some poison oak. A Native American woman told me that "if you make a tea out of the manzanita leaf---and then wash the outbreak: it will help". So here, Kylie harvests some manzanita leaves:

We shall see if it works:

And we got a couple of chicks today. Chickens. They will go back to our neighbor's if they are Roosters. Here Jazmine shows off her chick, whose name is "Rivermoss". (!?)

And Kylie with her more conventionally named chick: "pepe' "

We've never had chickens this should be interesting. We do have a book on keeping chickens. Getting chicks was on our "to do" list. I just didn't think that we would get them today.
I hope the chicks turn out better than our Lilliputian corn...

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