Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last Picture Window (show)

The last window buck for the last picture window:

There she is! Standing tall right in the middle. All four of the large windows are in now:

A view from inside our soon-to-be-bedroom, looking out. This window was donated to me by an ICU RN. He had ordered the wrong sized window, so he gave it to me for free.

This window will be "Cobbed" into the wall.

Yet another photo of our freebie window:

Off to the Napa Valley. I may throw in a few book reviews over the next couple of days. I've managed to read quite a few lately, including: Daniel Quinn's Ishmael, Hunter Thompson's Kingdom of Fear, Deepak Chopra's The Third Jesus and currently a very decent biography of the great old Lefty journalist, Izzy Stone.
Work will recommence next Wednesday.

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