Sunday, March 15, 2009

Harley Davidson meets Michael Pollan

Another sure sign of spring: our local cafe (and biker hangout) has re-opened. They close for the winter when traffic on Highway 70 is limited. Scooters is a great diner! Run by a sixty something biker couple, they create decent home food with a California twist. They feature fresh food from local suppliers. Harley Davidson meets Michael Pollan.

And the walls have interesting items on them. Here a timber rattler (no need to kill those, they tend to be very docile) graces the wall.

And the signs:

Mental Health advice:


Jackijo said...

I like the signs. I think this looks like an interesting place. I would love to see the menu, take a picture of it next time you go.

Allan Stellar said...

They don't have a printed menu. They write it on a wall. This isn't a fancy place. Standard diner faire--except everything is mostly homemade and fresh. It is also very communal. They just have a few booths, but most of the seating is one long common table.