Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Tomorrow...

One more day of work and its back to the Solar Compound.

I go to work twice a month---the hard part is I stay there for five days.

The first day is always kind of fun. I have running hot water in my room (something we don't have at our homestead)! That first shower is luxurious--and it feels like I'm staying at a bed and breakfast.

Day two--the novelty of a real bed and hot water hasn't worn off yet. I enjoy my little monastic room after work. Get things read (this time a book on Hunter Thompson, A book on Gnosticism and Aldo Leopold's classic: Sand County Almanac).

Day three, and I start feeling a little homesick. The novelty starts to wear out.

Day four (today) and I wash all my clothes in the evening, anticipating my trip home.

Day five and I'm wiped out from work. Wiped out from getting up really early in the morning and the nutsiness of working on a psychiatric unit. I'm ready to go home and see my loved ones: Joni, the girls, our pup and cat (heck, even the mice!). I look forward to the next nine days off...with grand plans to work on the Addition...get some much needed R and R. Rejuvenate and re-establish my connection with nature.

I can't wait to go home!!

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