Saturday, December 6, 2008

Troubles With The Apocalyptics...

There are four properties beyond this road that runs through our Homestead. Today, I noticed that the guy who lives at the very end of the road, put up this gate across our road.

Unfortunately, it is also on our property.

He put no less than Four Bright Neon Signs on the gate. "No Trespassing". "Private Road". "Private Property" and another sign that states that this road ends here.

So, since the signs were on my property, I made my own signs to go over the Offensive- Bright-Orange-Petroleum based-Neon Signs. I especially liked " The Bible teaches Kindness to Strangers" I put over the "No Trespassing" Sign.

That should provoke a response with these people who told me within ten seconds of meeting them that they "Love the Lord" and that they are all "Christians". It Did!

I checked our legal papers for the information on the easements. Yup, the road has an easement all the way to the end of the Canyon.

The Gentleman who occasionally visits his crappy home-made houses at the end of the road (they have multiple residences--part of a cult--all of them without septic systems; they just flush their excrement over the side of the 1500 foot canyon)-- who put up the fence and signs was not amused by my handiwork. He came to visit me. He wasn't too happy with my homemade signs--but being a Christian and all, he had to be on his best behavior.

This guy believes the world is gonna end soon. Jesus is gonna come and save him (not me--I guess). No time to get a proper humanure toilet. A James Wattian type of Christian. These folks frighten me.

We discussed the matter and were joined by a Gentleman who also squats down there. A Crocodile Dundee sort of person and a welder. A nice guy, but you won't find him haunting the halls of a library anytime soon.

They agreed to take down the fence after calling me a few names: "City Slicker"! "Trouble Maker"! "You've only been here for a year, you don't know the sort of people who come around here!" and my favorite: "Soon there will be lots of people escaping the cities to get in here".


They took down the fence rather grumpily, with promises to show me the legalese about the easements. Crocodile Dundee was upset. He smoked his cigar and grumbled about our city ways. "You've turned out to be a snibbler", he said.

I waved to them when they left. They didn't wave back. Doesn't the Bible say something about "turning the other cheek?"

"This is a Community", I told them earlier, "not a Kingdom of little private Fiefdoms". Their best security is the fact that Joni and I live here full-time.

Why rely on a sign, when you have a neighbor?

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