Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solstice Presents!!

Since I'm working this Christmas, we decided to open the presents this morning. Happy Solstice! Easy to feel optimistic today, as from here on out, we get more daylight every day! The way I look at things, Winter is over today. Let the sun shine...

I think Kylie likes it..

Eric Clapton watch out!

And a Coffee Mug for me!

Joni opening her present...


Katherine Darrow said...

Hi Alan and family,
I am so impressed at how well you all seem to coexist in such a teeny space. The bookshelves tell all. I believe that books in a house are very telling of the people that live there. You can really understand a lot about people be looking at the titles on their shelves and simply because the shelves are present!
Happy Solstice!
Enjoy the snow!!!

Allan Stellar said...

Hello Kathy...

I agree! Jeffrey St. Clair said: "Forget the eyes, the bookshelf is the window to the soul"!

As for coexisting in a tiny space? Care to trade residences for the winter?