Monday, December 8, 2008

Is The Empire Watching The Solar Compound?

Just for fun, I added a fun little widget.

You can find it on the right...down under the photos of the progression of our building project. You can click on that (the Feedjit thing with all the red dots on a map of the world)...and you get a pretty good idea of where all the visitors are coming from.

So I've been avoiding doing any work today. Wasting time. Doing nothing. It has been fun to look at all the locations of hits in the last 24 hours. Many are friends and family. Some of the hits are strangers (friends not yet made). The hits from New York appear to originate with some Colleges there, one of them Jewish.

But the hit from Reston, Virginia intrigues me. If you look closer at that hit, you will see that it originates from a Country Club.

Of course, Reston is the CIA's town. Their headquarters are there. And I did have a piece in Counterpunch and the Guardian in the United Kingdom that was a little critical of our Empire. And that Mother Earth piece did look unkindly on Private Property. And I did have a piece on the Socialist Monthly Review's web-site.

Have I made the big time?

Is some pimply-faced, new, political science grad in the CIA's Department of Inconsequential Blogs following our building progress? And more importantly, is that Grad amused and learning anything?

Or is some Spook golfing on that particular Golf Course, sipping martinis and keeping track of totally harmless Lefty Enviro Psychiatric Nurses?

I don't know. But I toast the person from Reston, Virginia who visited here yesterday! Read on. Gather information. I hope you are entertained!

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