Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hot Water, Part Two!

My Auntie V. passed this along to me via e-mail, about growing up (during the later 30's) in rural Minnesota on a farm. The Hot Water Saga continues:

"As to heating water? When I was small we had an old fashioned (wood burning) kitchen range that we heated water on in a big copper oval shaped boiler. (Also carried the water in from the outside pump and carried it out again when we were thru.) And just like in the old movies we pretty much all used the same water. Doesn't that sound gross? We had a bath once a week, usually. As I got older we had a gas stove that was used to heat water. When I was about 13 or so we finally had water and a water heater in the house. That is probably why I was never too crazy about camping and outside toilets etc. I was ready to move on!"

Poor thing! She had to share bathwater with three older brothers! There is a reason why we call them: "The Greatest Generation"!

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