Friday, December 19, 2008

Dungeness Crab!! Local and Sustainable Food!

Back in Minnesota, we had Lefsa during the winter months. A winter delicacy (essentially a potato tortilla) which can only be experienced and defies description.

Here in California, we eat Dungeness Crab during the winter months. And we can eat it without any guilt due to how well the populations of the Crab are managed. Those who think Government can do no good, need to take a peek at just how well they have managed the Crab populations. The catch is sustainable. Only the males are caught, and those only of a certain size. All females are returned to the ocean for future breeding. And having a very strict season ensures that the Crab are caught during the "hard shell" time, when they are most resilient to being caught and released.

A delicious success! And a testament that "Yes, We Can!" develop local industries and practices that do not destroy the local fisheries. For the Dungeness Crab, Governmental intervention has worked!! As such, how we have managed the Crab is a model for all World Fisheries. This is an area where much more Governmental Intervention is needed.

And we shall enjoy these two Crabs tonight for dinner. Combined with a nice, local Chardonnay...


Sadie said...

Yum! How did you prepare your crab? Kudos for going local!

Allan Stellar said...

We baked the Crab on a bed of salt... Twas quite good.