Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dreams of HIking...

I'm working a stretch here in the Napa Valley. Seems I've been away for ages, compounded by the fact that I have a miserable cold. In addition, I don't seem to be tolerating this anti-biotic very well (Cipro). Makes my legs and knees ache. Leaves me tired and lethargic.

So I've been retiring to my room after work and mostly napping and sleeping. It continues to rain here. Clouds. Cool temps. I hate this time of the year in Northern California. It is the season when your shoes and socks are always wet..and seeing the sun is but a dream.

So when things in the present aren't quite what you want, what to do? Dream of the future, of course!

Grandiose dreams of hiking usually does it for me (to get out of this wintry, wet funk). So next year I want to:

1. Climb Half Dome in Yosemite in June. My colleagues and I plan on doing our yearly retreat a tad early in a new location. This year we have set our sights on Half Dome (an ambitious goal).

2. Travel to Arches National Park in April. Joni and I may need to make a trip back to Colorado this hiking the wonderful "primitive trail" and the sojourn to Delicate Arch are in the works.

3. Grand Canyon. I've never hiked to the bottom and back to the top. This is something I want to do this year. Bright Angel Trail? Havasui? And I would love to return to that lovely Brewery in Flagstaff that makes the most delicious Mussels I've ever had.

There, I feel better now. Better start getting in shape, which I will do, just as soon as this rain stops, my cold gets better and I'm finished with this sedating, lethargy provoking Anti-Biotic.

Happy New Year!!

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gary said...

great new years resolution..hiking AND getting into shape. Hope to get to some of the area you are going to one day