Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome Counterpunchers...

The last entry (Nuke a Gay Whale for the Navy) took all of seven minutes to write. Perhaps that shows.

I sent the bugger off to Jeffrey St. Clair who picked it up for the most excellent Counterpunch. Frankly, I'm just pissed off that the Navy could get away with the wanton destruction of Whales and marine mammals. Knowingly. And that the Supreme Court would back the Navy up.

A sad, sad day.

So if you found yourself here by following the Counterpunch link: Hello! This is a website devoted to the construction of an off-the-grid home. An off-the-grid lifestyle--with various musings and rants thrown in. It's raw. Maybe a little too amateurish and parochial. Juvenile. Self-absorbed, most definitely. Unplugged. A little like watching a family slide show. Yup, it has many faults.

But a few have found entertainment here.

My spouse and I are building this Post and Beam addition which is constructed mostly of recycled products, stone, cob, strawbale and trees that were cut and stripped of bark from our little Homestead. Our heroes are Ed Abbey and the original homesteaders: Scot and Helen Nearing.

Flatter me by dropping me a line. And thanks for the visit!

And if you've never read "Counterpunch"--just follow the link for some of the best lefty writing around:

And the link to my article:

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