Sunday, November 30, 2008

Visits In The Last Seven Days...

This blog has gone international!

It has received visits from the following countries this week: Singapore, Spain (multiple different locations), Portugal, France, Kuwait, Brazil, Canada (several locations), Malaysia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, Switzerland, Mexico, India and Thailand.

Madrid, Spain has the second most visitors of any city to this blog. Actually, this blog has been viewed from nine different cities in Spain. Canada comes in third with seven different cities. Portugal with three and the United Kingdom with three.

Here in the United States, there have been Visitors this week from: Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Virginia, New York, Georgia and Connecticut. There are probably more States represented because many of the hits just list the United States as the point of origin.

The blog was viewed in ten different languages in the last seven days--- including Thai, Polish and Arabic!

Whether anybody will come back over the next few months to see if this project ever gets completed remains to be seen. But right now, this last week, (parts of) the whole world was watching.

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