Friday, November 21, 2008

Nine Days that Changed the Kitchen...

Joni and the girls went to Colorado. I dropped them off at the rental car place in Sacramento and wished them a happy trip. For 120 bucks you can rent a car for nine days. Unlimited miles. Makes sense to do that rather than put the miles on our old, tired vehicles.

I drove the Girls there after Joni called and said the Bank in Oroville got our van. No, not repossessed: broken down. The Windstar Van sits in the bank parking lot, while I rescued the tribe, their gear and finished taking them to Sacramento.

So what to do with nine days? Revel in my slothery? Joni is the Mud Master, so I won't do that. And I do have a special visitor coming from Minnesota next week that probably won't be interested in forced labor.

So what do I do to justify my existence over the next nine days?

Finish the Bamboo floor!

This is one of those projects that we said we would do later. It is later. And the kitchen has looked like the floor of an indecent, condemned biker bar for long enough. I shall tackle this project with gusto. Head on. With vigor. Vim. Enthusiasm.


It really does look awful.


Don't know why we didn't finish the job when we put the floors down last summer....

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