Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maasaw...the Savior of the Hopi

While at the library in St. Helena, this book caught my eye. Written in the 1990's--it purports to be a report on the "prophecies, instructions and warnings revealed by the last Hopi elders". A gloomy outlook. The author (a Lutheran Pastor who passed away in 2001) claims to be the person the Hopi elders chose to let their message out to the world. The last Elder was in his waning years, at 102 years of age, who selected Mr. Mails to be the messenger.

The Elder could have done better.

Despite the shortcomings of Mr. Mails, there are a few gems in this book. Specifically, an introduction to Maasaw--who was the man-deity who gave the Hopi their instructions for living 1,000 years ago. Oral tradition passed down this Being's teachings--along with a few sacred etchings in rock. According to Maasaw, things don't look good for us. Watch out for World War III---and the start of a new age.

Maasaw gave specific instructions for how the Hopi shall live. Mr. Mails passes this on as information for all of us to live by. In the dark days ahead, according to the book---these instructions shall help us to survive. The Instructions are worth passing along here (pages 271-273):

1. "Live Maasaw himself lives and don't let materialism run your life"
2. "Practice Self-denial".
3. "Make a covenant with the Creator and Maasaw".
4. "Practice Self-Sufficiency".
5. "Change your priorities; make careful choices."
6. "Recognize that it is the Creator's wish to rescue us, and that together with the Hopi we can rescue the world".
7. "Make your attitude regarding life and the environment a reverent one".
8. "Listen to music and dance when you want to".
9. "During the first part of December, say prayers for the well-being of the entire world".
10. "On December 21, do initiations to bring others aboard the Spiritual Ark".

Good advice...a little on the ascetic side...but good advice for any age. The Spiritual Ark is a sort of remnant of civilization that will survive the trials ahead. Led by the Hopi, who are the humble people (sort of like the People of Israel in the Bible) who will lead us out of the coming turmoil.

Part of the reason we bought this Solar Homestead was a paranoid fear that things may not be too cheery ahead. We may have been correct in our outlook, given the news of the day.

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