Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forms Off...

Joni and I got up early this morning. With all this fresh air and hard work, we fell asleep early last night. After having our requisite cup(s) of coffee, I took the forms off of the Stem Wall we built yesterday:

The inside Northeast corner. Some of this will be visible above the poured adobe floor which will buttress up against the wall:

The length of the wall. The first half is built up to the height we want it. The farthest half will get more rock and mortar:

Straight enough for strawbale construction.

After we get the wall to the height we want it, we will then put a layer of "cobb" above the rock. The strawbales will then be placed above that--connected by two by fours placed in the cobb with nails upright to hold the bales. Simple construction. Of course, we change our plans early and often...

Or as a friend once told me: "If you want to make God laugh--tell Her your plans!"

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