Monday, November 10, 2008

As Far As We Got Yesterday

We did the Northeast corner yesterday. Took a long, long time and we ran out of energy.

This is the uphill side of the Addition. With rains running down the hill, we decided to finish the Stem Wall here before proceeding with walls (we have a short middle section to complete it). Then we thought: "What the heck...we might as well finish the Stem Wall all around the building."

We originally were going to build the Stem Wall with "Urbanite"--which is busted up, recycled concrete. Plans change...and with all this rock on the property, we decided to do as the Nearing's did. Build it out of rock (granite) which is abundant here.

When approaching fifty years of age, we aren't as gung-ho to push and get things done. Hence, the snail's pace of this project. But we are warm and dry (and certainly snug) in our little cabin. I can't even venture a guess as to when we will actually have the walls completed. Next August? 2012? Who knows?
So for right now, my life consists of gathering rock; mixing mortar; placing rock. Makes me think of all those wonderful Cathedrals in Europe built out of stone. We won't be building any of those soon. But maybe, down the road, an out door shower. Then there is the Greenhouse. And the Edward Abbey Memorial Writer's Cabin. Should be done by 2020.

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