Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Weren't The First Ones Here!! Ishi's World..

Joni found one of these axes about a month ago. Scrounging for rock, I found another one today:

Obviously fashioned into the same size and shape.

The Native Folks who inhabited this region were moved in the 1850's after gold was discovered here. That story is the famous "Konkow Trail of Tears--a forced march to the coast of California. Many didn't make it.

After the eviction from the area (for the Konkow Trail of Tears), it was open season on the Native People. They were shot on sight.
A feisty tribe, they fought back; caused a bit of mayhem and took the lives of some White Settlers. The Konkow people of this area were estimated to be about five or six thousand. At last count there were less than 50. Genocide.

They were called a "digger" tribe. I wonder if these were used for digging?

The famous "Ishi" came from this area. He turned himself into the police in Oroville in 1911. He was known as the last Indian--as he lived for forty years in the wilderness around here. Memorialized in a book (I haven't read it yet)---he literally became a living museum piece until his death in San Francisco in 1916
We are honored to have these two artifacts.

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