Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pointy Headed Enviros, Universities and Terry Tempest Williams

I didn't go see Terry Tempest Williams. When I googled the auditorium where she was speaking at the turns out they were charging $22 a head to hear her read from her new book. Turned me off. Joni tells me that TTW is a delightful speaker. Wonderful to hear. But the admission fee turned me off. And it wasn't even a fundraiser (something I could forgive the fee for).

Why? Because someone who considers themselves an "activist" should be accessible to every chainsaw carrying, baseball cap wearing, goat raising, hell raising, Joe the Plumber type of Redneck around. Enviros have enough of a reputation of being latte' drinking, bookish types with very little real life experience. And Environmentalism is moribund right now because of it.

In this time when everyone wants to just "Drill Baby Drill"--the intellectuals should be speaking, writing and standing on the street corners shouting the voice of reason. Not giving speeches to Pointy Headed Liberals at a University for (what I consider to be) an outlandish price.

So I stayed home and watched the debate. And started work on a dog pen.

And Terry, should you read this...I forgive you! I'll be there at your next free book signing...or fundraiser!

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