Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ceiling Troubles and the Roof...


Joni went to the Barnwood Restoration guy yesterday and bought 9 more pieces of wood. When she got home, somehow, we miscalculated (again!)--and ended up with not enough. The hole below shows how much more we need--10 more 8 foot pieces. Joni is on her way there now; she is also buying more Wiggle Board (didn't order enough).

In the meantime, I bought 1 1/2 inch roofing screws. Seeing as we are using antique tin, we need 2 inch screws. The result: Yet another trip to the hardware store this morning.

The tins all lined up...

I'm sure the 60 something gruff men (listening to Michael Savage and drooling over Sarah Palin's sex appeal) working the hardware store think I'm an idiot.

"Here he comes again--that know nothing, Sierra Clubber with the Yellow Lab and the New Age bumpersticker"...they must say. They roll their eyes when I'm confronted with a choice. And they know they will see me yet again, having inevitably purchased the wrong type of screw, H-clip, drill bit or whatever else we discover we don't have.

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