Monday, September 29, 2008

Wood for the Ceiling and Tin for the Roof...

I got up before dawn and drank my coffee. Then, with the sun rising, I continued (a seemingly endless process) to strip some bark off of some posts and beams. Three of the last five are done now. Just two more to go!

Roy of "The Restoration Company" dropped off our recycled Tin roof and the recycled barn wood which will be the ceiling of the addition.

The stacked Tin and Barn Wood. These came off a barn that was "deconstructed" about fifteen miles away. The barn was built in the 1940's of local lumber. The Tin and Wood will have a new home as our ceiling and roof.

Roy...the owner of "Barn Deconstruction" company...and also a maker of furniture, delivered the materials. The wood is aged to perfection--like a really fine Cabernet.

It's been my pleasure to meet several "Green Entrepreneurs" through out this project. Most are in their fifties. Fit. Relaxed and dressed casually. Yes, they want to make money; they also want to be a fish swimming upstream; march to a distant drummer; money is important--but so is "making a difference". They tend to be humble with good senses of humor. And they have great bumper stickers and posters in their shops!

Roy had an "Obama" bumper sticker on his truck (probably a fatal business error on this Redneck Republican Ridge). However, most of his business is in the college town of Chico (which has a reputation for being one of the most hardcore party towns in the United States). Assistant English Professors tend to like recycled, aged barn wood in their libraries and dens.

You don't want to be driving about Concow with one of them "liberal" bumper stickers on your vehicle. And God help you if you are one of them "Sierra Clubbers". You might have a bullet whiz by your Truck! That actually did happen we had a shooting on the Ridge.

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