Friday, September 5, 2008

Watching the convention in Napa...

Back to the work grind. Back at work (which seems more like a hobby than an occupation to me now, with this wonderful new schedule). The news?

Got confirmation that GG will be up with his crew on Monday to begin work taking down some trees, debarking them...and maybe setting a few posts. He'll be working on it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So when I get back to the Homestead early next week, I may actually have a few posts in the ground to admire.

I'm thrilled...

It's hot as hot can be. August set a new record for heat in the Concow area. The hottest August on record. I also see that whole new chunks of ice are breaking up in the Arctic. The Northwest Passage may be ice free even during the winter this year. Shipping companies are already planning for this new route to provide useless goods to debt ridden consumers in the US and Europe. The Panama Canal will have competition now. And the Arctic Ocean might be totally free of ice in five to ten years. Watch for new ports all along Siberia with wondrous new oil drilling opportunities in an ice free Arctic.

Watched McCain last night. His VP nominee is up staging him (not hard to do). What I didn't realize was just how young McCain's beer selling wife is (of course you would get rich selling beer in the desert). We figured out that when he married her, she was 25. He was 42. I think that should be enough to rule him out as a person of character. Good choice though. He not only picked a twenty something, but he also picked a WEALTHY twenty something.

As for the Veep candidate? I love her glasses. Her husband looked confused on stage, and had to have Mrs. McCain lead him around on the stage. The whole "drill now" contingency at the convention was nauseating. These people won't be content until every beach is soiled. Must we destroy every last pristine area on Earth with our oil addiction?

Time to transition to a new way of living. It's time to stand up to these oil gluttons and demand action to get off of oil entirely. The Sierra Club has a new campaign about precisely this. Yes, I know many Enviros hate the "Gang Green", who have sold out on so many issues. True. But the Sierra Club is right on this one. They also were right on their education campaigns about urban sprawl. I think all Enviros should get behind them on this one. Join up. Send them a check. And let's hope that somewhere, someplace, there is a charismatic politician who will have the guts to talk back to this "drill now" hysteria.

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