Tuesday, September 2, 2008

UFO over Concow?

I've been sleeping on the deck the last week or so. I sleep better there, as I'm less hyper-vigilant about the critters in the area. Plus, it's nice to be in closer proximity to my family.

The nice thing about sleeping on the deck is that you have a pretty decent view of the stars. Every night we wait for the "show" to begin. On Sunday night, I was lying on the deck, enjoying the stars--when a cigar shaped, orange colored with some gray blotches, object hovered quite high above me. Distance is hard to judge, but it looked quite far away. Miles maybe? It moved slowly from north to south for around four or five seconds almost directly above me.

I watched it, trying to figure out what it was. Then a flash of light pulsed and the thing was gone.

The next day I sheepishly brought it up to Joni. "I saw something weird last night", I said.

"Me too" she said. Evidently the night of the 30th (the night before my experience), Joni was up sitting on our couch outside late at night. She said that she looked up and there was this "flash" of light---like someone taking a picture of her. It wasn't like seeing a falling star. It was "stranger than that", she said.

So, this wasn't quite the Dennis Kucinich, Mt. Shasta, New Age, Shirley Maclean, Pleadian, Discover Network type of experience. Was it an optical illusion? A trick of light? Sewer gas? A smudge on my glasses? Some strange phenomena of magnetism or vulcanism from Mt. Lassen or Mt. Shasta? A visual hallucination from the dream world, just as I fell off to sleep?

Or maybe we are being studied (maybe even helped?) by some Alien being. I hope so. We could use all the help we can get...

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