Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stripping the Last Logs.

Got up early this morning, had my coffee, watched the sun rise and started to strip the bark off of the last five logs. The one on the left we finished last week. It will be the most solid post needed on the cement pad. The corner post.

I just stripped the long one on the right. The shovel gives an indication of it's size. This log will spend the day in the sun. We will then use a bleach mixture to arrest some decay (the log has been sitting with the bark on since April). We will also sand it. Treat it with Linseed Oil. It should be good to go by tomorrow.

I started on the middle post for the pad. Using a shovel to make long strips down the log seems to work best. Then you turn it and make another long strip. Lastly I use an iron to pry off the bark between the long strips. Fun!

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