Monday, September 29, 2008

The Slow Wood Movement...

On this Black Monday, when maybe a few of us thought about dusting off our old copy of the Whiskered One's, "Das Kapital"--Joni and I (almost) finished stripping the last few logs.

Joni sanded and bleached the log below, as it was taken down in April and had a tad bit of mold on it. A day in the sun helped it. We will apply a coat of linseed oil to it--before we put it up tomorrow.

The last five logs...almost done. I kept thinking while laboriously stripping the bark off the log in ninety degree heat, that building like this is an art that has been lost.

Much like Fast Food destroyed culinary America---Fast Wood has done the same with building. It's just too easy to head to Home Depot and buy it.

So long live the Slow Wood movement! Slow Food. Live Slow!!

No work done today. Remember this project is being done by a couple of Registered Nurses (GG and me) and a Teacher (Joni). GG called to state he had one of those weekends where he couldn't leave the hospital he works at. Turns out another nursing supervisor had an accident, no qualified person was available to do his he worked for nearly FORTY hours without a replacement. It happens sometimes. That sucks about nursing: You don't get to leave without passing off your assignment. If you do leave, it's neglect (and you could go to prison).
GG needed a day off. He deserves it! So tomorrow we will have the whole crew here. And we hope it is fruitful.

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