Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gravel Work...and a Sermon on Civility...

So we need four inches of gravel on the compacted level dirt. Here Joni begins the process:

We ordered too much gravel. The second pile, behind me, is for our drainage system. With the potential of eighty inches of rain during the winter months---drainage will be important. We ended up with twenty four tons of gravel.

After school, Kylie and Jazmine got into the action. A successive generation learns natural building techniques. Neauvau Third World style. Will this be the norm in their lifetimes?

Bill, another neighbor, dropped by to help (sitting in the chair on the right). Just as Joni and I were too pooped to do any more, he dropped by with shovel in hand. With Bill's help, we made great progress!

This "off the grid" Community has taught me the importance of neighbors. They have taught me with their kindness, advice, helpfulness and generosity that most of our culture has become so very, very anti-social. I've spent years living in various cities; Minneapolis; St. Paul; Duluth; Rochester; Las Vegas; Reno; Grand Junction; Calistoga, and others I can't remember---my experience with neighbors there was (at the best) a simple hello. At the worst, things were down right hostile.

Industrialism leads to Alienation (to borrow from the whiskered Marx). I'm wondering if a new economy of sustainability and reverence towards nature may lead to the reintroduction of community and kindness? In the good ole' USA, might we finally get the blessings of socialized medicine (where anything with the word "Social" is no longer feared?), only after the oil runs out and the economy tumbles? Ironic. We need to be less civilized to become civil.

Almost done...we will finish the job this morning. Twenty four tons of gravel to haul is quite a job.

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