Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Cabin Prequel...1994

Back in 1994, I bought this cabin with a girlfriend. Sitting on the Yuba River, just a couple of miles from Soda Springs (which is the "snowiest" inhabited town in the United States), it was great in the summer!

Winter came and it snowed. And snowed. And snowed. The snow covered the house. My girlfriend got tired of it all and ran off with a Psychiatrist. That marriage worked out, from what I hear. Five kids. Lives on the East Coast. They even lived in this house for a time after my ex-girlfriend burned down the Psychiatrist's house.

Seems they moved as far away from this cabin as they could!!

Two stories. No insulation. Wood heat. Nobody had ever tried to live there through the winter. Nobody has tried since then.

The backyard.

We bought the place for $70,000 back in 1994. Now it lists for $359,000!! Oops...should have hung on to it...

I like cheap, ugly, substandard, creative houses in locations that others haven't tried to make a life... That trend continues with the current Homestead. I hope to hang on to this place a bit longer.

This cabin was a trial run. Things I learned?

1. Make sure that your partner really wants to live in a "wild" setting.

2. Insulation is good during the winter.

3. Buy a cabin under the snow line. Trying to get where this cabin was killed off the Donner Party.

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