Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Sin?

Done with rather a rough stretch at work. This sign greets those who wish to use the washer at the dormitory where I stay when working. Every religion needs rules. This is a rather curious one.

The hospital provides laundry facilities for us to use. However, in order to observe the Sabbath, they advise us that we can't do laundry during these times. It's one of those curiosities of working in an Adventist facility. One of the last vestiges left over from when there were some really, really strict rules. One Professor I know, who worked at the local, nearby Adventist College, was fired when he was seen having a glass of wine at one of the local restaurants.

As far as I can tell, this sign is one last hold over from those earlier years. Question? Did I wash my clothes (that were heavily soiled on my Saturday shift from human excrement)? And if I did, was that a sin?

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