Thursday, August 14, 2008

June 21 and 22, 2008 Not According to Plan!

The move.

Joni and I planned this with the precision of a NASA project. We had time schedules, appointments made, lists and more lists, time off from work...all for naught. You see, we unplugged our TV, Internet and Phone on the 21st of June, in order to pack all the implements of communication into the truck. As it turned out, we rented too small of a truck anyway, but we had time later in the month to pack it all in the van (or so we thought) and make a second 147 mile trip to Concow.

Here is the Van being loaded, with Rocky the cat in the foreground.

My friend Randy and his son helped us pack and load the truck. Randy only suffered a small injury to his forearm.
Another psychiatric nurse, Steve showed up at the tailend of the loading process. Steve has a knack of showing up just as the wine is being poured.

The truck loaded. As mentioned before we had no access to communication for the weekend. And, as reported by Brother Murphey, we should have. When we started up the grade to our mountain home, we could count tens of fires burning. Big plumes everywhere. Our little homestead had been evacuated...and it seemed silly to unload the truck in an area that was burning. Three fires threatened our house. Some 47 fires were burning in Butte County.

So we parked the truck about four miles from our place in a "fire evacuation zone".

We shared the parking lot with several fire crews.

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